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# 2019.02.09 Vocabulary (https://www.facebook.com/notes/prosody-vereable-context/vocabulary/10156841094914178https://twitter.com/frets/status/1091561188251463680).

# 2018.10.23 (archive.org link will say 24th because U.T.C. time zone code even though I am in Maryland (United States, by Washington, DC is the adjacent state called Maryland) so 23rd could technically be read clearly by the amazingly intelligent https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Combinatorics_on_numbers I mean https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Combinatorics_on_words computer algorithm)

Profiling myself.

Organizing to clear how to talk about wording/naming for personal and business reasons.

Between here iSew.info and iGabe.com I can now nearly feel comfortable going back to the idea of money as part of the equation for the emotional social issues that nobody can define clearly with open|public code, even with so much Haptic Feedback (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haptic_technology)/Push Notifications (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Push_technology) keyword/AdWords.com/bash.org suggestions scoring for another angle langle.

Worried (there could be standard terms or a decent script format for that {humanstxt.org began a thoughtful idea}, for now just we all just worry) about giving credit to the dependencies used to run a website, for example a WordPress theme gets public credit but the plugin which is why I use the theme does not get credit, and changing each setting feels like taking sides. Most users have to cope and deal with that kind of basic issue or hire help and the question is not always obvious who gets credit/responsibility.

Now to ask how to make my WordPress theme keep the order of my posts between changes (VaultPress.com was too expensive, now even though VP made me broke I miss VaultPress again) and not have WordPress throw a form fit.


##### Buffer: #####

Very old. Never used personal sites much as major social media services… (for actually talking, social networks make sense) {that is not to say I did not type iMac on iGabe b4 iSew exactly 10,000,000 times fully recording myself}

About Me language is very var fu.

profile: facebook.com/prosody (fb.com/prosody, like fb.com/zuck just not making my name sound like a cuss/curse/swear/trigger word to be popular)

email: prosody@facebook.com (Well now FB does not provide email, just changed suddenly like nothing happened and did not at all even really actually warn users.)

Text chat is my most reliable contact method, that and or public threads clearly and openly tied to my account(s). Being from Yahoo! Chat as my first internet activity, that might make sense.

My resume has been my fb for a decade. I had 5 U.S.-Taxed real-world over-the-counter jobs before I turned 18, and never got asked or needed a resume, I found that making a CV after social Variable::Scope::NameChangeReasons (normally part of the Variable::Scope::WordChangeReasonsProof “stdlib.c“ “Linus Kernal” library) issue. Usually other way around, people need to make a website or profile. I needed to find paper, and government hasn’t made self-identification at school a priority. I needed to find paper for basic identity documents because I never had my own copies. Vet somehow social media majors were happy to take my debit card. I guess I had a debit card that was greater. So I need to always read about people not using social tools, while often being a first user. Organiing your identity from that pledge fu, where every system wants to HT.

just uploading again in a bit, have to fix something down again. Checking the up/down bandwidth settings visualization analysis.

edit: okay, basic c just streaming slow, cause why rush? i aint that whyte, but i do lack some links so here we go:

iGabe.com obviously precedented my iSew.info nerdistry.

Very wordy nerdy sound/emotion/vocabulary/spelling/coding work. Still if Spelling B’s are spelling-mentally-challenging ask me (askme.com is defunct, so find my quora.com/profile/Gabriell-Gaston-Croft/log?share=1 (I stopped 2012, so that 2013 log was a questionable mod, how did I use Quora if I haven’t logged-in.) or webapps.stackexchange.com/questions/39851/is-google-docs-revision-history-a-stable-long-term-audit-trail).

https://steemd.com/@scribe https://steemit.com/logy/@scribe https://steemit.com/@scribe is probably my clearest text (documentation). (Security-wise, patient I waited decades for a Standard Medical Error Library, with vetted Psycho(cryto, crypto)logists [Clearance and Confideniality are Severe Family|Memory Language Issues] ensuring you remember and make I contact, because Steem is first major www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Trust_network where every -logy is logged. So fate URL’s are a Public Record, and Advocate-Super-Whyte-Admin-Quora-A.A.V.E.-Reddit-Ebonics-Lack-Spelling-Addition-Subtraction can be ….unrushed versus quorush…. defined safer.)







https://plus.google.com/111534521631123855435/posts/SfAQQ3eYsXX is a FAQ (“Frequently Asked Questions” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FAQ, I know it sounds like that other word) because G+ (Google+) did not exist so I had to recover some semblence of an actual stream of consciousness.

https://plus.google.com/106234191779172878470 (my favorite, just me-bare-bones on-off-line Straight C. Being from a hypertext culture/family is so surene that actually makes fuller sense. (Waiting for the follower count to allow me to register my name as the URL not some shady hex code from a Googler)

I change link visibility even though the links are clear text because I am nervous, and some Googlers might not know better (organic links are important and so are text letters, even if a Googler tries to pitch they’re not being honestly linear about link visibility in real life *linear linking* is the anomaly) and will call me names but I am used to that.

Also FB is popular and G+ is not popular so that being a crummy reality we are all forced to link broken accounts because coders/programmers/developers are extremely territorial about revealing superadmins and supernetworks actually have greater stability than that if social networks worked together to secure user accounts, using https://keybase.io/memorization (what the superadmins use to cheat and do not talk about, begun by YCombinator.com who runs news.YCombinator.com that site called “YC”) for so being realistic.

To document things with Straight C is very intense, so I’m still staying abstract, for long-term thinking is fee ling.?)

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  1. prosody Con(tech)text(e
    2016-11-18 at 22:18

    sew var
    fu foo

    ““var““ and ““foo““ are ancient technical terms. 🙁

  2. prosody Con(tech)text(e
    2018-10-23 at 21:20


    I forgot (well that is the normalized and popular expression of how memory works, even if not entirely {#SocialMemoryIssue “Entirely” meaning a gentle way of saying “forget” is not a reality, with electronic text especially because a computer will always remember_by_design} accurate in terms of how human memory works in the human brain for remembering) to balance “positive and negative keywords” like https://www.google.com/partners/about ∫constantly∫ says and repeats and reminds.

    Meaning here I wrote a unhappy/sad face : ( with previous comment (transformed automatically/”automagically” by WordPress to a graphic from the text, I did not ask it just did that and did not ever ask me) so now next comment will need to have a happy/unsad face 🙂 …there that should help.∫

    I∫ (iff [https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Iff&redirect=no] with an integral because “emo/info math word sec”) being text read, coded, and diagnosed instantly/algorithmically/immediately based at that granular.

    Sound byte(s pay), ∫ ∫∫ ∫

    Emotion byte(s pain). ∫∫ ∫